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  • RefinedHorse Versatility

    Whether you ride sport, stock, or soft-gaited horses, the USRHA offers you a competitive path through Refined Horse Versatility (RHV). Read More
  • Stewardship

    Our passion for horses places us in the unique position of stewardship to the horse. As stewards, we take on many roles: Caretaker, leader, teacher, and advocate ... to name a few. Read More
  • Horsemanship

    The evolution of horsemanship, from Xenophon (400 B.C.) to now, has produced many philosophies, training methods and disciplines. Too often, riders focus on the differences among them, and lose sight of the shared ideas. Read More
  • Versatility

    "Who doesn't love to handle and ride a horse who is relaxed, responsive, and confident?" asks Linda Hoover, founder of USRHA.  Of course, we all do!To create rewarding, safe, and lasting partnerships with our horses, we must prepare our horses for today's world. Read More
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The U.S. Refined Horsemanship Association

Have you ever thought about what qualities make up a horse who is the Ultimate Partner?

In the world of the United States Refined Horsemanship Association, this horse is ...

  • willing
  • prepared for life
  • refined in responsiveness
  • confident in abilities

... both in the show ring and on the trail.

Join a growing community, of horse owners and riders, which is enjoying, creating and competing horses who are the Ultimate Partner … refined and versatile.

USRHA and Refined Horse Versatility

The USRHA provides avenues for both refining your partnership and expanding your options as well as the opportunity to connect with others who share your passion and interest through Refined Horse Versatility (RHV) clinics and competitions.

Through Refined Horse Versatility educational clinics, you will discover how to strengthen the partnership with your horse while enriching your horsemanship skills. Clinics cover a variety of topics including working obstacles to build teamwork, understanding biomechanics of the horse to improve performance, improving your horse’s trail skills and more.

Ready to showcase the partnership with your horse?  Refined Horse Versatility (RHV) competitions offer the perfect venue. RHV classes center around the refinement of dressage with the usefulness of working obstacles. The signature class of Refined Horse Versatility Two-Phase consists of two segments. In the Refined Riding Phase, you will ride a dressage test appropriate to your horse’s level of development. In the second phase, the Obstacle Phase, you will demonstrate the teamwork with your horse over a course of obstacles.

For those with young or developing horses, the In-Hand Obstacle and Suitability Two-phase classes are a great fit. In the In-Hand class, handlers will show over a course of obstacles in-hand only. The Suitability classes pair a walk-trot or walk-trot-canter under saddle class with an obstacle course phase.  For Soft-gaited horses, the Suitability class is walk-gait or walk-gait-canter.

What is RHV?

Click here to view a video that introduces Refined Horse Versatility. 

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