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Refined Horse Versatility (RHV)

Refined HorsemanshipWhether you ride sport, stock, or soft-gaited horses, the USRHA offers you a competitive path through Refined Horse Versatility (RHV).

Blending the refinement of dressage with the usefulness of working obstacles, RHV competitions showcase the partnership you have with your horse.

RHV Clinics teach the principles of Stewardship, Horsemanship, and Versatility, as well as give riders an understanding of how to compete in the RHV competitions.

RHV Competitions are named based on the type of competition. For example:

  • RHV Competitions for Sport Horses are called "Sport Horse Versatility Classes"
  • RHV Compettions for Western Horses are called "Western Horse Versatility Classes"
  • RHV Competitions for Soft-Gaited Horses, yes ... you guessed it ...are called "Soft-Gaited Horse Versatility Classes".

The videos (below) provide an overview of Refined Horse Versatility Classes.

This first video shows an Elementary Level Obstacle Course (filmed in 2014):