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Versatility"Who doesn't love to handle and ride a horse who is relaxed, responsive, and confident?" asks Linda Hoover, founder of USRHA.  Of course, we all do!

To create rewarding, safe, and lasting partnerships with our horses, we must prepare our horses for today's world.


The world that our horses live in now is far different than in the past. As the urban world closes in on the rural world, we find ourselves faced with new challenges:

  • Fast moving vehicles
  • Unruly dogs
  • Spooky objects

Loud, low flying planes even find their way over our arenas! Add to this that the majority of horses live in small areas, no longer traveling long distances in search of food and water. Many horses do not get the exercise or the mental stimulus that they need.

To have an enjoyable riding experience, a horse needs to be look to the rider for leadership. The importance of versatility is to combine refinement with usefulness. In today’s world, it is important to have both.

An elegant, rewarding and safe partnership is achieved through giving attention to refining the communication, developing the horse's athletic ability, and preparing the horse for the world in which he lives.